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Credits in Georgia2offers | The best credits in Georgia, a comparison of credit companies Georgia, guidelines for choosing the credit companies, ratings and reviews.

კრედიტები საქართველოში
საქართველოში საუკეთესო კრედიტები, საკრედიტო კომპანიების საქართველო შედარებით, საკრედიტო კომპანიების არჩევის წესები, რეიტინგები და მიმოხილვები.

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Lending, Long-term loans in Georgia
დაკრედიტება, გრძელვადიანი სესხი საქართველოში

Long-term credits – it is a loan for large amounts and for a long term. These loans may be needed to purchase real estate, for construction, for global repairs, for consolidating other loans, for refinancing or for large purchases. Features: online application for a loan at any time, in many cases a pledge is required, long processing and a loan decision, may require the provision of various documents, there must be a legal source of income, an individual approach, low interest rates (in the banking sector).



Mortgage, Long-term loans

Max. amount 100000 GEL
The max. term 10 years
დაკრედიტება, გრძელვადიანი სესხები, მაქსიმალური თანხა 100000 ლარი, მაქსიმალური ვადა 10 წელი

Car leasing, Auto credits in Georgia
ავტომობილის ლიზინგი, საქართველოში ავტომობილის კრედიტები

Car credits – it is a loan for the purchase of a new or used car on lease or to receive money for the security of a car. This loan is secured by a car in any case. Features: online registration at any time, quick loan decision, can be obtained with a negative credit history, the opportunity to receive it without a prepay, in some cases car evaluation and СASСO insurance are required, flexible terms and a big range of amounts, large interest rates (in non-banking sector).



Car leasing, Auto credits

Max. amount 27000 GEL
The max. term 7 years
მანქანის ლიზინგი, ავტო კრედიტი, მაქსიმალური თანხა 27000 ლარი, მაქსიმალური ვადა 7 წელი

Important information
მნიშვნელოვანი ინფორმაცია

All types of loans in Georgia are regulated by directives. Each credit company must have a special license for lending services in Georgia. Everything displayed on this page is only informative. We do not encourage or call upon anyone to take a loan. The administration of AllCredits does not bear any responsibility for the consequences that may arise from using the services provided by credit companies. It is important to understand that a loan is necessary and that it might help you regulate your financial situation, rather than drive you into debt. Make sure to read the contract of the credit company carefully. There you will find all the information of possible consequences and penalties in the case of a non-payment of the loan on time (from a poor credit history to litigation). Assess your opportunities soberly, borrow money responsible!

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