Select the banner type of offer and use the form located below to request advertising. At the moment we do not use a rotation, and all the banners can be seen on all pages. If you want to place a few banners, choose one and about the other specify in the message.
The formats of banners can be: PNG, GIF, JPG maximum 50KB.
1. 468х60
week 20 EUR, month 70 EUR
2. 160-200х600
week 30 EUR, month 100 EUR
3. 200×200
week 15 EUR, month 50 EUR
4. 200×100
week 6 EUR, month 20 EUR
5. 728×90 / 980×90
week 20 EUR, month 70 EUR
6. First position
Accommodation in the catalog on the first place with AllCredits.LV recommendation: month 70 EUR


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You can also place advertisements on the portal iCAT.LV


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