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AllCreditsThe company AllCredits, having worked in the credit market for more than 15 years, has launched the 3rd version of the credit aggregator of the catalog, which helps to take a loan more competently by choosing the most profitable credit company.

In the first version, we issued information about loans in Latvia, and based on the needs of the inhabitants of this country. Practice has shown that the usefulness of such a portal is obvious, because visitors receive not only a list of organizations that issue different types of loans, but also some educational activities.The service of our credit catalog has been loved by many users, and banks not only in Latvia. On this basis, the AllCredits management decided to scale the ability to evaluate the services offered by the selection of credit companies and banks in many countries of the world.

In the second version of our aggregator, at the suggestion of banks, we began to include them and credit companies; other borrowers began to contact us with proposals to include them in our rating program after starting receiving positive feedback. Also on our catalog you can get acquainted with the rating of credit companies. For example, you can see the “Rating of Latvian credit companies” on this page. Naturally, small companies that cannot compete in the market do not want to join us, because all the conditions are immediately visible on our portal, which is very disadvantageous for some organizations.

Now we are launching the third stage, in which we begin to collect feedback from our visitors so that they share their experience, and how we helped other people by reading their comments, making a more correct choice of the company that many people have already trusted. In addition, in the FAQ section, and on other pages of our portal, you can find articles that describe:

• how to save time, and make the right choice, when determining which organization is the most profitable for you to take out a loan;
• the peculiarities of lending in each country;
• what form of lending is better to take;
• how to correctly repay loans in order to quickly pay off the loan without overpaying;
• what form of lending is better to use;
• and much more that will help you understand the intricacies of taking and repaying a loan.

Naturally, we only offer, and those who have already used our services recommend; the final choice is always yours, and you are responsible for your decision by yourself. Our algorithm only calculates, not taking into account the emotional factor of each client. As a result, we only advise.

Who we are and what we do

Helping people to find the right solution

All people can face challenges that seem difficult or daunting. At AllCredits, we believe that no one should face these issues without quality and independent advice. Therefore, we are always there: to give people the information and confidence they need to make the most correct decision in their situation, whoever they are and whatever their problems may be.

AllCredits aggregator advises millions of people

The AllCredits Portal is an independent organization that provides free advice and answers to credit questions. We earn money on this portal on banner advertising, and do not enter into manipulation operations in favor of any lender. If you want to contribute to the development of our gratuitous help to people, you can place your banner with us.

People rely on us because we are independent and completely impartial, and when we say that we are for each of our visitors, we mean exactly that. At the time of this writing, we have already worked for the benefit of ordinary borrowers in more than 30 countries around the world, and we work only with the most reputable lenders in these countries. If we noticed at least some negativity in their behaviour, we do not risk, but immediately exclude such organizations from our rating. More precisely, if our algorithm finds some negative information about a company on the Internet, it excludes it from the rating.

AllCredits understands that negative reviews can be left by non-objective people, even on excellent companies, so if one or two negative reviews are published in independent sources, then we do not take such reviews into account. In this case, we do a manual check, and our experts assess the quality and truthfulness of the published. If there are a lot of negative reviews, then such companies are automatically excluded from our rating.

AllCredits has a special focus on new companies with few reviews yet, and we manually screen this lender for integrity. Unfortunately, we cannot automatically track the authority of the author who wrote both positive and negative reviews like Google, so we check it manually, and as a result, the exclusion of dishonest creditors may take some time. Therefore, it is advisable for you to pay attention to already reputable banks and credit organizations.

Another slippery moment that often happens to inexperienced borrowers – they are attracted only by the minimum interest rate, but this should not be considered as the only and most important indicator, because in the end it may turn out to be draconian. That is why, after manual verification, we forcibly lower our rating to such creditors and improves our algorithm.

How we help clients to take out a loan

No one else sees as many people with as many different problems as we do, and this gives us a unique insight into the problems people face today when taking out a loan. The solution to their financial problems is our additional knowledge. AllCredits sees how various problems can be addressed. Helping people to understand the choice of the best loan in their country, we save their time and money by giving them the opportunity to work more productively for the benefit of their society. Therefore, if you leave a review about the work of our company, or the credit company from which you took out a loan, then you will help us improve our work, and it will be more rational for borrowers to borrow money.

Our results

Last year, we helped solve the problems of 8 out of 10 people who took advantage of our advice on the AllCredits portal.
9 out of 10 said that our catalog helped them find the right solution, and 9 out of 10 would recommend us to their partners and acquaintances.

Unfortunately, until 2021, we did not come into personal contact with visitors of our site, but we see that AllCredits portal visitors are interested in reading the opinions of both us and the credit companies participating in our rating. Therefore, now we provide an opportunity to speak out to visitors in order to improve the quality of the information provided.

We are recognized in many countries around the world because:

1. We provide services to our visitors without registration, absolutely free of charge, and any obligations on their part.
2. AllCredits fully guarantees anonymity, because we do not require your personal data.
3. We are an independent organization. We do not have any financial obligations to the companies that post their offers with us, but we strictly monitor the quality of their services, and rank them according to their financial performance and feedback from their customers. We do not advertise lenders and do not belong to any financial institution.
4. We make daily updates of information and rating changes, so you will always receive the latest information on our service.
5. We have collected the most reputable companies in one place, which will help you choose the best deals in a couple of minutes. Thus, we will save you from multi-day visits and communication with various lenders.
6. A wide sector of types of lending and posted materials will help you better navigate in various forms of lending.
7. Comparison of loan offers on one page helps our visitors to reduce the risks associated with borrowing money.
8. Our rating of credit companies does not include organizations with a bad reputation, so you do not need to spend time checking them. We have already done this for you.
9. The AllCredits ranking algorithm takes into account the authority of the company, reviews of visitors, the possibility of quick and easy borrowing, as well as other parameters that reduce the risk to the borrower.
10. We are on the side of honesty and transparency.

If you have any comments or suggestions – express them. We are always open to negotiations in order to make the AllCredits catalogue aggregator more accurate and of a high quality.

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