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Amount: 100౼5000 EUR
Term: 2౼48 months
Interest: from 46.4 % APR
Age: 18౼80 years
Processing time: 15 min.
Registration: 0.01 EUR

Piemērs: Kredīta summa 1000.00 EUR , Procentu kopēja summa 509.60 EUR, Ikmēneša maksājums 62.90 EUR, Kredīta atmaksas termiņš 24 mēneši, Aizņēmuma likme 43.14%, Gada procentu likme 52.80%. Verifikācijas komisija (vienreizēja aizņēmēja identifikācijai portālā) 0.01 EUR.

Banknote – 30 day loans no fees.

Banknote – it is a new type of lender. Banknote loans disbursed in cash, you can get them in 39 cities nationwide. To obtain a loan in Banknote you need to apply for credit and provide information about yourself: name, surname, personal code, cell phone, e-mail, monthly income, monthly expenses.



Banknote – the only one in Latvia, a licensed company that provides all the necessary everyday financial services in one place. We are proud of the high level maintenance and services. We are different conditions for honest and sincere intentions. Fast, convenient, safe and close to home.

phone Phone: 66116688
email Email:
web Website: banknote

Why Banknote gives the consumer loan in cash?

Because before granting a loan, we would like to meet with their clients personally. For convenience and reliability of all parties, we conclude an agreement on paper. Because our customers are willing to receive and return the loan in cash. Some customers prefer to receive a loan in cash, and return – transfer.

What do I need to obtain a consumer credit?

You need to be a resident of the Republic of Latvia aged 18 to 80 years. To get the loan you need an identity document: passport, ID-card or driver’s license issued by the Directorate of Road Safety (CSDD).

Where can I get approved consumer loans?

When the acknowledgment is received, go to the nearest branch of the Banknote and get a loan in cash.

How can I extend the repayment period consumer loan?

Consumer loans for up to one month may be extended for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days. If a consumer loan granted for a period of 3 months or more, you can defer the monthly payment by paying fees that are equivalent interest payments for a particular month.

Do I need a bail or a guarantor to obtain consumer credit?

For consumer loan no need for collateral or guarantor.

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