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The maximum term: 3 years
Age Limit: 20-70 years
Activation cost: 0.01 EUR
Amount: 100 – 1000 EUR
The processing time: 15 min.
Percent per month: from 3.5%

LatCredit – credit for 15 minutes without bail, fast, convenient.

To get a loan you need to register and fill out the registration form LatCredit – it will take less than one minute. When registering for the LatCredit , you need only specify the name, address, identity number, mobile phone number and information about the job. To get a loan from LatCredit, You must meet certain criteria.



The loan can be ordered conveniently in your personal profile of the client. Login to your profile, you can specify your e-mail and password specified during registration. We consider your request within a few minutes. About his decision, we will let you know by sending an SMS message to a registered phone number and immediately transfer the credit to your account.

phone Phone: 66100090
email Email:
web Website: LatCredit

Can I get a loan?

The loan is available to people: who have declared a permanent residence in the Republic of Latvia; aged 20 to 70 years; permanent connection mobile phone number; open, in any bank in Latvia, the current account; for persons who have a clean credit history, no delay other loan payments.

How much can I borrow?

For the first time, you can take a loan in the amount of 425 EUR. The second time, you can take a loan in the amount of 750 EUR. The third time, you can take a loan in the amount of 1000 EUR.

How quickly will I get an answer on a credit application?

The answer will receive a message within 15 min. after completion of registration.

How fast will I get the money to my bank account?

If you account is in Swedbank, SEB bank, DNB bank, Citadele, then for 10-15 minutes. If your bank account is in another bank transfer can take from one to three days.

Why I refused to grant the loan?

The loan may be denied in the following situations: Do you have any other at the time of loan commitments are not made or delayed payments; during registration given erroneous data; not repaid previous loans in Latcredit.

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