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The maximum term: 1 year
Age Limit: 20-75 years
Activation cost: 0.10 EUR
Max. amount: 700 EUR
The processing time: 15 min.
Percent per month: 10%

Atrais – First Financial Aid!

Atrais gave residents of Latvia loans more than 15 million euros. Atrais is a member of Latvijas Nebanku Kreditdēvēju Asociācija. Membership in this organization imposes certain responsibilities, and gives customers the assurance that they will be served in accordance with the law. Each client Atrais before your application has access to all information related to the conditions of the loan.



Existing customers have the opportunity to take out a loan with the help of SMS messages in your phone, regardless of location. You just shlёte SMS and the money is credited to your account within 15 minutes. We work on weekends and offer its customers the opportunity to receive the money even after hours.

phone Phone: 67933051
email Email:
web Website: atrais

How to register?

Fill out the registration form the correct data. Confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of the loan agreement. Button- Click Continue. List the registration fee from your own bank account, which is indicated on the registration form to the account of SIA “NORDIC FINANCE” in the same bank. If the registration fee will not be transferred within 72 hours, uh, the registration form will be deleted.

What is the one-time registration payment?

One-time registration payment is – 0.10 EUR. It is necessary to ensure that we can verify ownership of your bank account to your personality. Delivery you confirm that you agree to the terms of the contract.

When and in what way do I get a user ID?

Within a few minutes, we will send your user ID SMS-message to your specified mobile number. phone if: you made the payment for the registration; You rightly pointed out the payment details; the payment is made from your personal account.

When you need to repay the loan?

The total amount (principal amount, together with commission payments) you must pay before the end of the loan term or use the service – Extending credit.

What will be the total amount that will need to be returned to me?

Total loan payment consists of principal amount of the loan, the fee for the use of the loan and one-time registration fee of 0.10 EUR.

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