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The maximum term: 7 years
Age Limit: 18-75 years
Activation cost: 0.01 EUR
Amount: 100 – 15000 EUR
The processing time: 30 min.
Percent per month: from 2.4%

Mogo – Have a car, you have money!

Mogo — it is an opportunity for one day to get a loan in the amount of 90% of the market value of your car! What Mogo is different from other credit companies? We care about that the loan was easy to give, and in contrast to other loan companies, we do not deduct car at as collateral. Mogo makes it possible to buy a car your dreams right now.



For years dreaming about the car? Why dream when you can ride? Mogo – it is an opportunity to purchase any vehicle without any restrictions on age or brand. Mogo will provide a loan for the purchase not only of the machine that you have chosen, but the motorcycle, boats, scooters, tractors, and other modes of transport.

phone Phone: 27258258
email Email:
web Website: mogo

How to arrange a lease?

You apply for a leasing the most convenient way, we are within 30 minutes considering your application, as well as assess the car which you have chosen. If so, we will sign a contract in the branches of Mogo. After signing the contract and documentation in any branch CSDD in Latvia (according to your choice) we will immediately transfer the money to you or the seller car.

Do I have to pay for the drafting of an agreement?

Yes, for making of the loan agreement or the car leasing commission fee charged – 1.5% of the loan amount, but not less than 50 EUR. We must reckon with the costs that are associated with the re-registration of ownership of the vehicle in CSDD (about 30 EUR).

Who evaluates cars?

Car Assessment engaged experienced and professional auto experts mogo, with many years of experience in the assessment of vehicles.

We must be active policy OCTA and KASKO on the car?

When buying a car leasing customer must purchase insurance OCTA for at least 3 months. For loans in excess of EUR 5000 at the time of the loan must be active insurance policy KASKO.

What documents are required for registration of leasing?

To make a loan, you need a passport of the Republic of Latvia or eID-card. To apply only need your details – name, personal identity number. It is also necessary to present a passport or the eID-card. The same document required in CSDD.

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